Getting to Know Individual Words: A Reflection

Singlanguages/ March 24, 2022/ Tamil, Vocabulary

In Tamil, there’s a lot of English words that are composed of several tamil words. For example, “News Stand” is “Seithiththaal Nirbanai Nilaiyam”. I was having difficulty learning “news stand” because it was very long and, besides “Seithiththaal”, which I knew to mean “news” already, the rest of the word was meaningless to me. I felt a form of “repulsion”

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About Vocabulary Learning

Singlanguages/ March 13, 2022/ Vocabulary

I’ve been very interested in the ‘best’ way to learn vocabulary recently, especially when first starting out learning a language. At first, I concluded that one should use flashcards to learn frequent vocabulary before diving into reading practice. So I decided to put my conclusion to the test by making some physical flashcards, English word on one side and Tamil

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