About Singlanguages

Singlanguages can mean ‘Languages of Singapore’, referring to the initial inspiration for this website, or to the action of ‘Singing (Southeast Asian) languages’.

Main goals of Singlanguages

The main goals of Singlanguages can be split into the societal, communal, and individual:


  • Keep the languages in Southeast Asia alive, and eventually grow a multilingual society where speaking multiple languages is the norm.


  • Reduce the gap between older and younger generations through encouraging the younger generations to speak their heritage language.


  • In the short term: help people learn languages that can be found in Southeast Asia.

Who’s this website for?

This website acts as a one-stop resource for learning Southeast Asian languages for English speakers (See the next section for more information). Currently, this website is focused on Singapore, as that is where I am from and currently live.

I made this website assuming that there are people out there who want to learn languages, but don’t know how to approach them. I hope to ease that journey and teach you how to learn a language.

There’s a lot of material out there that hypes up language learning, promising people that they can learn a language really fast. This website aims to try to distill applied linguistics research for language learning into something which self-learners can use.

What kind of person do I need to be to learn a language?

This website assumes that you mainly or only speak English.

It assumes that you have no idea how to learn a language or where to look for resources.

Finally, it assumes that you do not yet know the terms linguists use when talking about languages, like ‘glottal’ or ‘retroflex’.

Who’s behind the website?

My name is Jun Hong, but please call me Nemo. I was born and raised in Singapore and speak English and Chinese. My first experience learning a language was learning Norwegian because I was fascinated by vikings and metal music. I then branched out to learning basic Sanskrit after my introduction to Indian Philosophy.

I’m a researcher by trade, though I research other topics in education, not in Applied Linguistics or Languages. Nevertheless, I hope to translate findings from Applied Linguistics and Language Learning for people. This website came about because I wanted to encourage language learning in Singapore. Any mistakes on this website have been made by me.

You may contact me at nemo@singlanguages.com