Language Coaching, Chinese Characters

Singlanguages/ April 4, 2022/ Chinese, Language Coaching

I’ve been busy exploring career options in teaching people be better language learners. I ran into someone who works as an education coach, someone who helps people with time management, study skills, and generally become a better student. It occurred to me that there was probably something called “language coaching”, and it turns out I’m right! There is! But this type of coaching is just starting to take off, and I couldn’t find a language coach in Singapore.

To that end, I’ve been devouring books over the last few days on coaching in general. It’s something I feel I can do quite confidently, but of course this is hypothetical, not actual. I’ll need some proper training and some way to advertise myself. This is so exciting though! I’m looking forward to taking the next step.

On a separate note, I’ve been reading some Mandarin Chinese and every time I have, I’ve felt like I “understood” the characters. I already knew about radicals and the parts that make up characters, but for the first time, I “saw” it that way. I think this is a side effect of discussing Tamil vocabulary with my teacher Krishna, and it reminds me of when I suddenly felt comfortable with Tamil songs.

I feel renewed energy in my life now, and I am looking forward to what comes next!

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